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A community for people that like to drink.
That drink often and enjoy it.
For people that aren't afraid to admit that being sober sucks ass.
A community for people to share cocktail recipes.
A place for people to express their drunken rages.
A place to talk about hangovers.
Thrown any silverware or appliences at a loved one lately?
Hugged the porcelain goddess recently?
We've all been there.

Does any of this sound familiar to you:
"Betcher fillin' pritty shmashed right 'bout now.

Butchoo win, gdammit!

Bartember, git my new friend.....wha's yer name?...'nother fuggin beer!"

this is the community for you!

New Words for Drunk: jagged up, boiled as an owl, mothered, curried and mashed, de- ossified, full tight, skinned, pie-eyed, gibbled, in the paint, pile-axed, rat-assed, stinko, torn off the frame, torqued, troll-eyed, wired to the tits, banjoed, chateaued, one over the eight, pixelated, swipey, wankered, zigzag, slaughtered, juice-looped, 12 gauged, Boris Yelstinned, cop-sluggin’ drunk, five winos gone, jackassed, liver-lubed, monkey assed, mullocked, paralytic, stolichnyed, ten feet tall and bulletproof, tore up from the floor up, Kennedied, wearing a big hat, shined up, wingdinged, off the leash, drunk uncled, picassoed, and finally, locked out of your mind.

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