timestwominus1 (timestwominus1) wrote in lushes_r_us,

New community

Hello, my name is Emma.

I'm promoting a new community for a friend of mine, cause she's got too much pride to do it herself.

It's called onedrunknight  It is a community for the day after. You can post anything you like having to do with embarrassing, silly, crude, lude, hilarious or otherwise funny drunken stories. They can be about your friends, co-workers, family, yourself. Anyone anywhere so long as it happened whilst under the influence.

If this is not ok, Delete it, and I apologize. Otherwise, JOIN OUR GANG!

Thank you all. From onedrunknight


If you allow me to post this in your community, we will be as kind whenever you wish to promote yours.

A favor is a favor. THANKS AGAIN!

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